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Subject- Moving and Handling
Duration- 4 Days

Aims- The aim of this course is to give the learner all of the relevant skills, knowledge and experience to be able to facilitate moving and handling training in various settings. It will also cover how to create sessions, session plans and the correct documentation required for training in this subject.

Objectives- By the end of this course you will be able to :

  • Demonstrate a sound knowledge of relevant legislation that affects you.
  • Identify your vulnerability to injury when undertaking Manual handling tasks.
  • Explain the workings of the spine and how to reduce the risks of spinal injury
  • Demonstrate the principles of biomechanics
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ergonomics
  • Demonstrate the process of risk assessment
  • Identify ‘controversial techniques’
  • Demonstrate up-to-date practical skills in moving and handling
  • Demonstrate the skills to convey Moving and handling knowledge and skills to others

As well as covering the entire core course subjects upon successful completion of the course candidates will receive a resource pack allowing them to deliver training from day one.

There is also a support network available in the form of telephone and email support to answer any questions or concerns that the new trainer may experience on the first steps of their training career.

If you require any more information or have any questions please contact myself on the email provided with this email.